How to Show Your Pets you Love Them

She can smell the bone-in ribeyes long before they come off the grill. She’s looking at you and the platter of food with that longing look unique to dogs, waiting for that moment when you put a few pieces of meat and fat in her bowl or, even better, hand her a bone to finish cleaning and eventually … read more

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A Vet’s List of the Strange Things Pets Eat

They came. They chewed. They swallowed.

Dogs and cats can be some of the most brilliant creatures on the planet. At times there seems to be no limit to what they are capable of being trained to do. But sometimes they will do things for no good reason that leave us scratching our heads. The top of… read more

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Disaster Preparedness for Your Pets

Written by Dr. Glenn Adcock

Hurricane Harvey just left a mess in Texas, the West is battling huge wildfires, and now Hurricane Irma is threatening Florida and the Southeast. As the largest storm every recorded in the Atlantic, and one that is potentially heading our way, Irma requires some special attention. Now is the time to… read more

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Dog Days of Summer

Written by Dr. Glenn Adcock

Winter is over, we’ve had our two days of spring and now summer is upon us in full force. Rising temperatures are always accompanied by high humidity and that combination can be a bad recipe for pets. Here are a few things to look for and some ways you can enjoy the outdoors safely with your dogs th… read more

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