Office Policies and Procedures Updates

Dr. Glenn Adcock  |  Mar 30, 2020

As we all try and navigate these uncharted waters, we wanted to give you some updates regarding our office policies and procedures. We have made several changes so that we can continue to serve you and your pets AND minimize the risk associated with exposure to you and ourselves.

  1. As mentioned previously, our office is now closing at 8:00pm and we are taking our last appointment at 7:20pm. All emergencies after that time will be directed to Upstate Vet Emergency & Specialty Care or Care Animal Regional Emergency Clinic of Spartanburg.
  2. SCLLR has temporarily suspended the regulation that requires face-to-face and hands-on physicals for minor issues and is allowing telemedicine and video/virtual conference calls between doctors and clients in order to decrease the number of people coming into our facility. If you wish to schedule a teleconference with one of our veterinarians, you will need to call our office and our receptionist will set this up as a scheduled appointment and arrange payment for the office visit. Once you have spoken with a doctor, he/she will determine if medications can be prescribed or if the patient needs to be physically seen/examined for further diagnostics, etc. Please note, we still cannot prescribe medications without either a teleconference or a hands-on physical.
  3. All in-house physical exams will be done AWAY from the owner. We ask that after you check in, you wait in your car for one of the nurses to call you, at which point they will take your pet into the back for us to examine. A doctor with come speak with you, from a distance, and answer any questions you may have.
  4. One pet, one person. We cannot express this enough. No large families/groups of people accompanying pets into the building. Leave your children at home or in the car, please.
  5. For medication refills please call in well in advance of when you think you will run out. We are busy and it can take a day before we are able to get your medications together. Once we have your medications ready for pick-up, we will call you and let you know and secure payment over the phone. When you arrive to pick up your medications, we will bring it out to your car for you.

Please be patient with us. This is a fluid situation and changes can and will occur, and we may not have a chance to announce those changes ahead of time. A HELPFUL AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE GOES A LONG WAY. Rudeness and impatience will only complicate an already complicated situation. We want to be here to serve you as long as we can, and your help is required to ensure we can do that through this weird time. Please feel free to call with any questions and THANK YOU for your help, love and support. We are here for YOU and your pets. Help us keep you, your pets, and ourselves safe.

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