Use CareCredit to Finance Vet Visits

Jan Easler  |  Mar 2, 2021
Use CareCredit to Finance Vet Visits

When you’re a pet owner, you rarely can predict when you might have a large vet bill. As with people, cats and dogs can have accidents, become unexpectedly ill, or suffer from long-term diseases. The medical expenses for these visits to the veterinarian can often catch pet owners by surprise.

Whether you’re trying to budget for unexpected vet expenses or simply want to free up some of your money, we recommend and accept CareCredit at Pine Street Animal Hospital.

CareCredit is a great resource to have on hand and is accepted by not only veterinarian clinics, but also other medical service providers. CareCredit can be used on any type of purchase. Additionally, our clinic offers six months’ financing at zero interest on purchases of $200 or more. This makes CareCredit an ideal option for paying unexpected vet bills and possibly your own next dental visit.

Applying for Care Credit is an easy process. You can apply online and get immediate results on your qualification status. If that is not an option, you can call toll free at 1-800-677-0718. Complete details are available on their website at

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