Love your vet team? Here’s how to show it. <3

Cayce Adcock  |  Feb 7, 2021
Love your vet team? Here’s how to show it. <3

February is, of course, the month of love. This year especially—with the added stressors of the pandemic and an increased workload—your veterinarians and vet clinic staff would appreciate extra acts and words of love from clients. Here are a few ways you can show your love for the care and compassion they provide you and your pets:

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1. Share some love during the visit.

Never underestimate the power of a positive tone of voice and words of affirmation for the receptionists, the vet techs and your veterinarian. Those seemingly small words and perceived positive attitude can help change the course of a bad day for everyone in the clinic. Saying something as simple as, “Thank you for today and the work that you have done for my pet,” can rejuvenate an emotionally exhausted staff member. Often, those conversations are passed to other staff members and can lead to positively affecting the mood of the office.

2. Leave a positive Google review.

Oftentimes, people only take the time to leave a Google review when the experience was far less than enjoyable for them. Before contacting the Practice Manager to discuss the negative experience, clients will take their feelings and perspective to social media/Google feedback outlets. Negative Google Reviews are used as ammunition to vindicate.

If you love and trust your veterinarian and the vet staff, please take the time to combat the negatives by leaving a positive review. As these reviews become a permanent fixture in the cyber world, practice managers can revisit the positive reviews during times of emotional and mental fatigue to uplift staff when they need it.

3. Refer friends and family.

Contact your veterinarian’s clinic and let them know when you have referred a friend or family member. Helping make connections between established clients and potential new clients improves customer service opportunities by making the experiences more personal and relational for everyone. It also gives the clinic a chance to show appreciation for you and the love you have for your veterinarian and staff.

The common quote, “All you need is love” may not be an absolute. However, it is undeniable that words and acts of love can have a huge impact on your hardworking veterinarian and the clinic staff.

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