Orthopedic Care for Pets

Pine Street Animal Hospital provides consultations, diagnoses and treatment for dogs and cats having joint, muscle and bone problems. Dr. Adcock and team can perform and consult on fracture repairs, cranial cruciate ruptures and patella luxations, just to name a few – all within our Spartanburg vet office.

Additionally, Dr. Adcock can evaluate for lameness (when your dog or cat is limping or having trouble walking or standing) and offer strategies to help pets heal or have better quality of life. For owners of purebred dogs, he can also provide OFA certifications for canine hips, knees and elbows.

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Orthopedic Services:

  • Lameness evaluation
  • OFA Hip Certification (also Elbow and Knee)
  • Fracture plating repair (broken bones)
  • Cruciate tear repairs
  • Luxating patella repairs
  • Orthopedic options
Orthopedic Services


Veterinary Services

At Pine Street Animal Hospital, your pet's health is our top priority.

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