Good dental care: Your pet’s health depends on it

At Pine Street Animal Hospital, we take a comprehensive approach to your pet’s health. While your pet’s vaccinations, diet and exercise tend to receive more attention, your pet’s dental health is an essential part of responsible pet care. We encourage everyone to include regular dental cleanings as part of their pet’s routine care.


What does pet dental care include?

Our veterinary office in Spartanburg provides teeth cleaning and dental exams for dogs and cats, as well as minor oral surgeries.

The first step in a dental care visit is an oral examination of your dog or cat’s mouth, conducted by one of our veterinarians. Your animal will be awake during this exam, which will provide us with an overall view of your pet’s teeth and gums.

We usually put pets asleep for a full dental cleaning, so we will first make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia by doing some blood work. These blood tests also provide our veterinarians with information about any underlying conditions we need to know about.

Your pet will then be put under anesthesia for the actual cleaning. During the cleaning, we will identify problems that are beneath the gum-line, including broken teeth and roots, abscesses or periodontal disease.

Your pet will receive a complete cleaning of their mouth under the gum-line. This thorough cleaning is important because along the gums is where bacteria live, which can lead to periodontal disease if left untreated. Next, your dog or cat’s teeth will be cleaned to remove the build-up of plaque and calculus. Finally, the teeth are polished. This leaves them smooth and helps to reduce future build-up of plaque and bacteria.

Why is anesthesia required to clean pets’ teeth?

Many pet owners have concerns about their dog or cat being put under anesthesia. This is understandable. It is, however, a necessary part of dental care for pets. It is not possible to ensure that a dog or cat can remain calm or patient enough for a dental cleaning. And at Pine Street Animal Hospital, you can trust our highly trained staff to follow all protocols when it comes to anesthesia, making the process very safe.

If you would like more information about dental care or are ready to schedule an appointment, call us now, or submit our contact form. We would love to care for your dog or cat.


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