The Wet and the Wild: Summer Swimming with Dogs

Some of us have dogs who take to the water immediately: they jubilantly jump in, swim joyfully, and can hardly be kept out of the water. Others have dogs who will tolerate swimming when required, but generally avoid it. And then some of us have stubborn dogs who throw on the brakes near water, won’t… read more

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Yes, We Can Board Your Dog

Have you ever cancelled vacation plans, or never made them in the first place, because you’re not sure what to do with your high-maintenance dog?

Does your dog have personality or medical issues that make him unable to go to common boarding facilities?

Does your dog require so much care that y… read more

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How (and why) to help your cat lose weight

Your cat’s rotund belly and expansive way of sprawling across the couch cushions may seem adorable, but it’s important for you as a cat owner to realize that fat cats are usually not healthy cats. There are some key steps you can take to help your overweight cat eat better and exercise more in order… read more

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How to Show Your Pets you Love Them

She can smell the bone-in ribeyes long before they come off the grill. She’s looking at you and the platter of food with that longing look unique to dogs, waiting for that moment when you put a few pieces of meat and fat in her bowl or, even better, hand her a bone to finish cleaning and eventually … read more

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