Grooming Services

Pine Street Animal Hospital offers dog grooming and cat grooming to all pets in the Spartanburg community—whether they are patients of the clinic or not. Grooming services include bathing, haircuts, hair styles, nail treatments, ear treatments, and more.

All breeds of dogs and cats are welcome for grooming services. Even dogs with anxiety or aggression issues can be groomed, as our on-site veterinarians can offer sedation when needed. All pets must be up-to-date on vaccines including DAP (distemper), rabies, lepto, and Bordetella (as appropriate for the pet’s age).

Grooming pets is important not just for their looks, but also for their health. Grooming prevents matted hair and addresses skin problems. Groomers can help identify ear infections and other health issues. Plus, your dog or cat leaves looking beautiful, smelling great, and feeling wonderful.

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Grooming Services for Dogs and Cats:

Pine Street Animal Hospital offers the following grooming services. You can also call to discuss customized services with our groomer.

Call 864.585.0231 or contact us now about your pet's grooming needs!

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