Yes, We Can Board Your Dog

Jul 8, 2018
Yes, We Can Board Your Dog

Have you ever cancelled vacation plans, or never made them in the first place, because you’re not sure what to do with your high-maintenance dog?

Does your dog have personality or medical issues that make him unable to go to common boarding facilities?

Does your dog require so much care that you can’t ask a neighbor to check in on him?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you’ve never boarded your dog because you’re concerned about his needs, then please consider the boarding facilities at Pine Street Animal Hospital.

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What kind of dogs can’t be boarded just anywhere?

High maintenance dogs often aren’t welcome at boarding facilities. We use “high maintenance” to refer to dogs who need extra care—for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they’re on medications, and these meds can be difficult to dose. Other times it’s for personality issues, referring to dogs who are aggressive (to other dogs and/or people) or have fear, anxiety or separation issues.

And whether you just call your dog “medically complicated” or “unsocialized” – we call them “welcome” at our boarding facility.

Why board your dog at the vet?

Many “doggie daycare” type facilities refuse to accept challenging dogs, either because they don’t have the staff, don’t have the space, or aren’t willing to make changes to their way of doing things (like having shared kennels).

If your dog is high maintenance, your best choice for boarding is going to be with people who know how to work with him, and in a place designed to care for all kinds of animals. Pine Street Animal Hospital has the people—trained vet techs who know the psychological and medical issues dogs can have. We also have the facilities—including private cages and kennels—to handle dogs who can’t socialize due to illness, age or personality issues.

What kind of dogs and issues can Pine Street Animal Hospital handle?

While other dog care facilities and dog-sitting services may not be able to accept these kinds of dogs, Pine Street Animal Hospital welcomes and can fully care for:

  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs on medication, including those needing injections
  • Sick dogs
  • Aggressive or anti-social dogs
  • Dogs with anxiety or separation issues
  • Dogs who need to be isolated from others for any reason

So don’t let your dog’s unique issues keep you from traveling. Contact Pine Street Animal Hospital today to discuss your dog’s needs and how we can meet them while you’re out of town.

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